DIY: Terrariums

We love these Smith and Hawkin Terrariums (pictured above), but even with our much-anticipated tax refund, we don’t have the $50 to spend on one of these. So we decided to make our own. Using the DIY instructions from the DIY network, a glass jar from the thrift store, potting soil and a small shade-loving plant from the local florist, we made one for under $30. Now, we just hope it doesn’t die like our supposedly indestructible bamboo plant.

Get ready for spring, by creating your own little ecosystem by making your own terrarium. Use a beautiful apothecary jar, or glass candy bowl with a lid that you can find at your local flea market or second-hand store.  Ebay also has a great selection, we lust after these jars, currently for $4.99. Or this shapely jar, currently for $.99.

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