DIY: Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst mirrors are quite the rage and quite expensive. Home by Sunset offers a how-to for creating your own from a $7 lazy susan from Ikea (it is called Snubba and is not available online).

The DIY network also offers this how-to for making a Papier Mache sunburst mirror. It seems more complicated than the one above, but it is still less expensive than buying one for over $100.

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  1. Skoochie says

    This ( is a good deal more expensive ($180) but I LOVE it in my little apartment. It folds up very small, has unexpected storage space (great for coasters, bottle openers, potholders, etc.), and you can unfold one or both leaves depending on how much table space you need. I went without a table for a whole year until I found this “perfect” one!

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