Origami Lights: The Look for Less


Looking for a unique way to entertain and light up the night after dark without spending a fortune on fancy shmancy lighting? Why not try some festive origami lights? These unique and inexpensive hanging lights make a striking statement for any indoor or outdoor gathering.

They’re simple to make: you’ll just need paper and a string or two of mini lights. You can try Christmas lights, or any lights on a string that don’t get too hot. To make the boxes, use pieces of colorful paper (scrap booking paper, old newspaper, pages torn from a fashion or decorating magazine, or even your old junk mail) and follow these step-by-step instructions for folding. Note: printer paper or heavier bond paper will hold up better and make firmer boxes than magazine pages. Use a little dab of tape to help seal the holes the lights go into so you’re not picking up boxes and putting them back up all night if a breeze blows outdoors. Also, larger sheets of paper will make larger boxes; we used 8 x 11 sheets for this project, and mini Christmas lights.

If you aren’t the crafty type, or don’t have the extra time, you could purchase opaque Chinese take-out boxes at most dollar stores and use them instead.

Once your lights are done, just throw some outdoor pillows on the patio furniture, turn up the tunes and enjoy!

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