DIY: Make Your Own Ottoman

Over at Bluelines they have a fancy, dancy how-to for making your own ottoman. We love it! This project is perfect for those cold winter weekends, when the thought of another snow storm makes you feel seasonally affected.

To make your project even more budget-friendly, make your own cushions. Order the foam from Foam by Mail, which offers custom-cut foam for less than craft store prices. Order a square piece of foam to make a cushion like the $95 ones in the picture above for between $39-$22, depending on the quality of the foam. Sew it up with your favorite fabric using this how-to from BHG.

For the bold and daring, BHG also offers a more involved how-to for making your own ottoman here.

Make sure that when you go to the hardware store to get the wood cut that you bring along your cushions or a to-scale drawing of them, and have the hardware store cut the wood to fit our cushions.

Let us know how your project fares in the forums or the comments below!

Picture via Bluelines.

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