DIY: Lamp Shade CPR


Some lamps are just boring. You may have inherited those lamps or bought them at a garage sale for $5 (originally $10, but I bargained him down). Now, they’re in your home and you want to give them a personality that says Prom Queen . . . not Software Engineer.

You’re in luck: JoAnn’s has delightful self-adhesive lamp shades that you can affix your favorite fabric or paper to. It’s a quick, easy and inexpensive way to spice up a room—they retail for $12.99 apiece, and if you already have the lampshade, it’s totally affordable custom decor.

I’m sure there are other MacGyverish ways to make your own lamp shade or some other nonsense, but I’m not very crafty and and I have to catch-up on episodes of House, and candy doesn’t eat itself, you know. However, if you have suggestions, feel free to comment!

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