How to Make a Heirloom Cookbook

Give Simple has a fabulous DIY kit for making your own cookbook. You can compile years of your family’s favorite recipes, ensuring you never lose grandma’s no-fail, super-secret pie crust recipe. This would make a fabulous and meaningful wedding present.

How to Make a Heirloom Cookbook

The kit is $60 and comes with 1 custom-sized linen covered binder, 1 archival slipcase to house your cookbook, a CD-rom with recipe entry software, 100 sheets of printer-compatible custom paper, 6 dividers to categorize your cookbook, an envelope for
recipe clippings and a selection of 12 art stickers, to personalize
your cookbook.

We tried making one for a grandma-in-law for Christmas and by the time the recipes were entered into the computer, the sheets were decorated and laminated, and we had purchased the notebook and all the supplies, we spent more than $60. And, guess what, grandma never got her gift because it took too long, so we think this is a good idea.

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