How to Make Chalkboard Pots

These Pottery Barn pots are a measly $6. But why spend when you can make it yourself for free? You can even repurpose those old clay pots that your mother-in-law keeps sending you tomato plants in.

How to Make Chalkboard Pots

Get chalkboard paint from your local hardware store it runs between $9-$30 depending on if you are getting a spray can or a gallon tub. Then, get to work—the actual painting is easy and you don’t have to stop at flower pots—you can paint anything from cupboards, to chairs, to entire walls with it. Since your hardware store only carries chalkboard paint in black or green, get creative and make your own chalkboard paint in a variety of colors— Craft at Home offers this easy-to-follow how-to.  Martha Stewart Crafts also has a wonderful article on how to make a wall calendar out of chalkboard paint.

I like the idea of painting the bottom of chairs and writing people’s names on them as unique placecards. What else can you do? Tell us your ideas.

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