Do It Yourself: Calla Lily Centerpiece

Looking for an quick, easy and chic centerpiece for your next event or dinner party? Look no further! Minoo Hersini, creative director of Au Ciel Design Studio, shares with you this fun step by step calla lily table display.


  • 7-9 stems of large calla lily.
  • Vases. You need one calla lily per vase. Depending on the size of the table, you can use one or as many vases as you wish. To create an impact, allow 9″ in between.
  • 9 stems of white sweet pea per vase.
  • 1 stem of lily grass per vase.


DIY - Calla Lily Centerpiece

(1) Gently remove the yellow center part of the flower.

(2) Fill the center of the flower with sweet peas. Add one at a time.

DIY - Calla Lily Centerpiece

(3) Take one stem of lily grass and gently move your finger through the grass so it becomes softer and can easily bend. Make sure to treat the grass as if you are working with ribbon.

DIY - Calla Lily Centerpiece

(4) Use the grass to tie your stems. Gently make a knot and cut the ends in an angel.

DIY - Calla Lily Centerpiece

(5) Cut your bouquet in an angel. It’s more interesting if your bouquet sits on the side of your glass and is leaning. You can secure the position by anchoring the knot.

DIY - Calla Lily Centerpiece

(6) Use the lilies as a centerpiece for a dining table, a console table or as an accent.

DIY - Calla Lily Centerpiece
Images courtesy of Minoo Hersini

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