Ditch the Cig and Be a Smokin’ Hot Lady

Ever meet a lady who makes amazing DIY facial scrubs and has the complexion to show for it . . . only to watch her pull out a $7 pack (at least) of cigs and puff away?  SighNovember 21 is the Great American Smokeout, so it seemed appropriate to write a post about the benefits of quitting.

Plus, November is National Healthy Skin Month.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all preachy with “your organs will thank you” talk, but rather, want to give a rundown of the benefits of ditching that cig.

3 Ways Ditching the Cigarette Makes You Smokin’ Hot

1. You’ll Own More Shoes:  Here’s the theory.  Not smoking = more savings = more money to get lots of new shoes, or tops or . . .  you get my drift.   With new items in your wardrobe, you’ll step out in smokin’ hot styles.

2. You’ll Beat Black Friday Crowds:  We all know quitting helps you breathe easier.  With all that extra oxygen and improved lung funtion, you’ll have a leg up on Black Friday crowds, probably beating out that lady who was doing stretches outside of Kohl’s at 7:59 PM Thanksgiving Day.  (FYI, the store opens at 8 PM on turkey day and stays open for 28 hours straight).  Scoring that great deal for your significant other?  Smokin’ hot move.

3. Fewer people will call you ma’am:  All those puffs can lead to premature skin aging and let’s face it, we do everything we can to avoid that.  It’s a thrill when we’re carded.  Not so much when someone our own age calls us “ma’am.”  Ditching that cigarette lets our bodies produce the elasticity and hydration our skin needs while puffing destroys it.  Great skin is always hot looking, period.

Items to Celebrate Your Quitting Success

Quitting can be hard, but rewarding yourself along the way with products that remind you of the beauty benefits you’re gaining (smelling better, no more stained fingertips, etc.) can keep you on track.   Keep up the great work and check out these items to keep your momentum strong:

We’re curious, are you in the process of quitting smoking?  What benefits have you seen?

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