Debby Ryan on Today’s Shoptalk

Today I chat with Debby Ryan, who stars as Bailey Pickett, a smart, lovable southern girl who leaves her small town home for the first time to explore the world while attending Seven Seas High on the SS Tipton in the Disney Channel comedy series “The Suite Life on Deck.”

Three Things You’ll Learn from Our Interview with Debby Ryan

– The kid stars on the Disney channel really are that sweet in person. Debby was so cool, that I now DVR the “Suite Life” and I haven’t watch the Disney channel in like 5 years (okay that’s a little lie, I did DVR “High School Musical”). Also she helped me score big time cool points with my pre-teen niece.

– Teens like Wal-Mart. Target is good, but when you’re on a strict allowance, Wal-Mart is the way to go. The kids also like crafts, so I think Debby and Mark (from April 17th’s Show), should get together.

– California Governor Arnold Schaweggzeger probably couldn’t handle a bedazzler- but wouldn’t you love to just hear him say the word “bedazzler”.

Interview with Debby Ryan

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  1. Kailey says

    I think that you should post the exact website for the clothing, cuz what if we want to wear things that look like what she wears? (Bailey Pickett, i mean) Why can’t there be a specific website? help us people!

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