Fashion Advice: Discount Gucci Bags

Q: I live in LA, the most image focused place on earth, where cars and designer bags are instant status symbols. I would like to purchase a designer bag, without going into major debt. I’m a big fan of Gucci . Where can find a REAL Gucci bag, either offline or online, without spending a billion dollars?

A:  There’s several places, both online and offline, to find Gucci bags for less. Take a look at YOOX.COM, an European based website selling real designer merchandise at a discount. They have the basic Gucci logo bags starting from $250. Also check out They have tons of styles, good prices, and offer coupon codes for additional savings. is also another great option. However, keep in mind that Gucci bags, even at a discount, will be pretty expensive ($300-$800).

Offline may actually be a little more difficult. I would call Rodeo Drive Resale (818.783.2330 – Beverly Hills), Laura’s Boutique (818.752.2835 – Studio City), Group International Outlet (310-478-1593- LA) and (off 5th) Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet (805.987.4475) to see if they have any Gucci bags in stock. Make sure to call before heading over.

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    Just as an added tip…There are Gucci outlets…I’m not sure how good the prices are compared to other methods but there are two that I know of on the East Coast. is the website for the Chelsea outlet company, which owns one of the outlet malls where the Gucci outlet is…maybe there’s one near you or someone you know so you can get the bag there.

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