Dina Lohan Has a Shoe Line: We’re Not Joking


What: Just when we think we’ve seen it all, another talentless mini celebrity comes up with some a way to extend their 15 minutes of fame for as long as possible. This time it’s Dina Lohan, who plans to launch a line of shoes called “Shoe-han” (are your eyes rolling yet?) on LoveMyShoes.com. It could be available in other stores later on.

What They Say: 

Lohan will not be designing the line but, Yeganeh says, “she’ll definitely have a major influence in which direction it will go.”

Lohan plans to announce the new line at a press conference tomorrow.

“She’s definitely got a good eye and she’s got it together,” explained Yeganeh. “She may not be followed as a fashionista but if the shoes are designed right and priced under $100…they will sell.”

What We Say: We’re not sure why anyone would want to buy anything designed by Dina Lohan, who has no credibility in the fashion industry whatsoever. At least her daughter’s got modeling experience.


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  1. Serena says

    What is with all these companies signing on unproven celeb designers to plaster their names all over their products?  This latest collaboration has got to be the silliest!  What has Dina Lohan done, but party with her famous daughter?  Don’t companies realize that we are in a recession, and consumers won’t just buy the latest flash-in-the-pan anymore?  It’s about quality and value, people!

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