Dina Lohan Has a Shoe Line: We’re Not Joking

What: Just when we think we’ve seen it all, another talentless mini celebrity comes up with some a way to extend their 15 minutes of fame for as long as possible. This time it’s Dina Lohan, who plans to launch a line of shoes called “Shoe-han” (are your eyes rolling yet?) on LoveMyShoes.com. It could be available in other stores later on.

What They Say: 

Lohan will not be designing the line but, Yeganeh says, “she’ll definitely have a major influence in which direction it will go.”

Lohan plans to announce the new line at a press conference tomorrow.

“She’s definitely got a good eye and she’s got it together,” explained Yeganeh. “She may not be followed as a fashionista but if the shoes are designed right and priced under $100…they will sell.”

What We Say: We’re not sure why anyone would want to buy anything designed by Dina Lohan, who has no credibility in the fashion industry whatsoever. At least her daughter’s got modeling experience.