Devi Kroell for Target

Target has convinced yet another high end designer to make the low end leap. The big box store is partnering with CFDA/Vogue Accessory Award winner Devi Kroell for a limited edition bag handbag collection that will appear online and in stores this summer. The collection features pleather versions of the designers more expensive leather styles.

Why does Target seem to get it right when it comes to designers on a budget and everyone else seems to falter? Is it because they (and even Wal-mart to a much lesser degree with it’s George line), focus on people who are actual designers, than the celebrity of the moment?


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  1. megan says

    Target get it right because of their atmosphere. Target does not scream cheap or white trash. Target is able to exude class without forcing their customers to pay for it. They are able to sell awesome clothes at deep discounts because the people they get to design for them most likely have the same love for target. Even their dollar section is kick butt!

  2. seltzer92 says

    target gets it right because they know that shoppers want to feel as if their items were designed by real people rather than a faceless company or subsidiary thereof.

    i also feel like target doesnt overreach. for example the sarah jessica parker collection is 500 items where the proenza schouler for target collection was 75 tops.

    i like all the images that ive seen on targets website of the devi kroell collection.

  3. Jessica says

    Target rules!!! And yes, I do believe its because they turn to actual designers rather than celebrities who just THINK they are designers. Target also gets it right because even the clothes are very inexpensive they are still well-made and look great…plus they have a great selection of both classics and trendy pieces. Keep up the good work Target!!

  4. Alexandria says

    I seriously don’t know how they do it, time and time again. They always have the sweetest fashions for great prices!

  5. rachel says

    how i can be informed when this bag will be available for purchase either online or at a target store

  6. AnnaK says

    I can’t wait until these bags are available.
    I am going to pick up a few.  Hope she’ll
    make shoes to match…

  7. cher says

    I have been looking for the bags to hit the Target stores since June 15, which was the date they were due to be in stores.  Has anyone heard of a true “coming out” date?  anxious to purchase a few, the line on her site are great looking bags.  Also, seen in Style and Essence Magazine…

  8. Stella says

    Yes! Devi Kroell is absoulutely genius. I was so happy when Proenza Schouler for Target came out, but now i’m even happier!

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