It isn’t everyday that you can say you got to buy designer skinny jeans for under $50, so when we caught sight of these affordable items at Bluefly’s sale today, we just HAD to tell you guys about it. If you’re thinking of rewarding yourself for working so hard on achieving your bikini-worthy bod, why not start with these hip-hugging jeans instead? Pair them with your favorite pair of sandals for the perfect carefree look! And the best part? You don’t have to be a perfect 36-24-36-er to rock the trend. Check out our skinny jeans tips for those with big thighs, or our skinny jeans guide for plus size gals. Then go straight to Bluefly for your piece of awesome designer skinny jeans under $50.

If you’re looking to shop for more designer goodies on a budget, Bluefly’s ongoing sale is until the end of May. Now that’s quite a shopping deadline!

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