Designer Denim Drops in Price

What: Say goodbye to $300 pairs of “premium” jeans. Denim designers now say that jeans had become overpriced before the recession began last year, which is why shoppers began shying away from ultra-expensive brands like Dior, True Religion, and Ksubi. Now, those same brands have begun lowering pricing to reflect what consumers are actually willing to spend. According to retail experts, that “sweet spot,” in terms of pricing, is now closer to $200 a pair for most designer brands.

What the New York Times Says:
“Before the recession, premium denim was one of the fastest growing categories of the apparel business, and there seemed to be no limit to what customers would pay for the latest label, fit, finish, wash or whatever Paris Hilton wore.  But the denim bubble has burst, and only a handful of such extravagantly priced jeans remain at the jeans bar— labels like PRPS and 45rpm, which, in tacit acknowledgment of the decline of the premium business, are now more often referred to as ‘artisanal’ jeans.”

What We Say: In general, $200 still seems too pricey to spend on an everyday pair of jeans—whether they’re “premium” or not. Especially considering the fact that there are countless ways to get those same jeans for less, whether that involves shopping for those same brands at stores like TJ Maxx or going down a notch and buying non-designer jeans at discount outlets. At the very least, though, it’s good to hear that the average price for denim has dropped recently. See, something good can come out of the recession.

What is the most money you have spent on a pair of jeans?