Yea or Nay: Denim Skirtall $25.00 at


Hey, Old Navy,

I know that your parent company, Gap Inc., is struggling a bit financially, but that’s NO excuse to let kindergarteners design pieces for your stores. Skirtalls? Come on now. The last time I wore one of these I was still writing letters to Santa.

Now, I’m not saying that all skirtalls are bad. The teen shop dELiA*s has a cord version that would look adorable on a 13 year old. I suppose even this version (available in misses and plus sizes) could look half way decent over a black turtleneck and black tights. But there’s something about a Skirtall on a 25 year+ woman that just doesn’t seem right to me. I could be wrong, so I posed this question to you dear readers…..

Old Navy Skirtall? Yea or Nay?

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  1. maura says

    NAY! Over the weekend my friend (2nd Grade Teacher) and I (Adult Reference Librarian) vowed never to wear skirtalls. We also never to wear sweaters with themes on them (like Christmas or Winter themes, Halloween, Valentine’s Day etc). Yuck.

  2. Jessica says

    NAY! NAY! NAY! The skirtall DOES NOT compliment a women’s body at all! Whether you’re petite or plus size. Skitalls should not be made for adult women. They should be worn by little girls in pigtails only!!!!

  3. Orora says

    Oh dear god, NO! These things remind me of my second grade teacher, whom I adored, but who had little to no fashion sense.  Put the skirtall down and back away slowly.

  4. insou2you says

    NAY!!!! Nay all day!!!
    This is the sort of thing that a misguided elementary school teacher might pair up with a holiday themed sweater and run the risk of scarring her pupils for life with.
    The option shouldn’t even be available – in the wrong hands, this nightmare could actually become lethal.

  5. Julie says

    This is a way BIG NAY!! This item is Gross, why would they think a plus size woman would consider looking like a Umpa Lumpa.. and I am a plus size woman and this is just plan wrong…

  6. Cathy says

    Definitely a “no”! No skirtalls, overalls, or shortalls for adults. And no skorts either. I’m cringing at the thought.

  7. Kelly Shaw says

    NAY!!!  I’m a teacher and we still giggle about some elementary teachers who think they are cool (we call them jumpers) with a holiday turtleneck and white tights.  Down to all skirtalls!  Let’s not back track our fashion sense when we’ve come this far.

  8. Reesy says

    This thread is hilarious!!!! Everyone has the same thought and I’m no different……

    I’m with Sandra…..Hell to the NO!!!

  9. says

    i would have to say NAY big NAY.  This would be wicked cute on my 12 yr old but even she would think its a bit too “little girl” but I have seen grown women in jumpers like this, usually a soccer mom type who just needed something to throw on.

  10. TBF says

    I agree and when I saw it I was like what were they thinking… Maybe they were trying to do a denim version of the British jumper….

  11. says

    I say NAY you fool! Why? Why subject women to this? It is hard enough finding clothes for the over 17-too old to be wearing clothes that are blinged out-too tight-too short-set. So why would one design such a frumpy outfit.  They should let ME design for the GAP, Inc.  I’ll make cute little outfits with teddy bears and butterflies on them!

  12. Law says

    Ewww…. that’s a big old NO on the skirtall.  They think that it will be bought just because they put them on the shelves. 

    This is why I hate the Gap.

  13. says

    i had a skirtall, and i loved it.  i’d wear it with different colored turtlenecks and tights and keds.  i wished i could wear it everyday.

    i was also seven.

    i saw this the other day at old navy, and practically cried.

  14. Nancy says

    Oh good Lord NO!!!  I hope Old Navy fires the designers who came up with that monstrosity.  They need to take a clue from their own tag line and get their FASH-ON!!

  15. Suz says

    I actuaally voted YAY and own this…It looks ultra cute with an ivory 3/4 sleeve top underneath with knee-high bronze riding boots and my bronze-ish looking chloe paddington…w/ a leopard knit scarf….When worn once I recieved 16 compliments…Although I had to get the straps hemmed…I love this little jumper…

  16. kari says

    Yay for a skirtall but nay for this one.  Lacks stylishness.  I wear denim shortalls and skirtalls and am 23 years old but this would look bad on anyone.

  17. Dara says

    I say yea to the skirtall but nay to this one. Even when I was little I never remember any of my classmates wearing a skirtall and when I was 15 and heard of them for the first time I really wanted one, but I’m guessing from the profuse screaming of “THIS IS FOR FIVE-YEAR-OLDS!” that’s it’s not supposed to be geared toward adults. I really think the skirtall could make a comeback for teens in the form of a miniskirtall. The one posted here is just bleh. Where’s the cuteness? It’s so plain. It does make me think of something an elementary school teacher would wear.

  18. Nakia says

    I totally disagree with all the comments….I think that this can be hot if the wearer rocks it right….I would totally wear this with a plaid shirt (with blues and white in it not lumber jack plaid)/ blue blazer with gold buttons/thin ankle socks and a bad azzzzzz gold pair of heels!

  19. Kokotron says

    I say Yay, and that is because I look horrible in shorts. Lol, my knocky knees and vivacious thighs eats shorts for breakfast.

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