Would You Wear Denim Bermuda Shorts?

Women’s Plus Denim Cut-Off Shorts, $29.94 from Old Navy

There’s a time and place for everything…except for denim Bermuda shorts (we’re under the firm belief that there’s never, EVER, a good time for denim Bermuda shorts). Maybe it’s because every pair of high rise denim shorts remind us of “mom shorts” (the shortened version of “mom jeans”). Or maybe it’s because it reminds of us an episode of the TV show “Roseanne,” and anything that reminds us of Roseanne Barr’s bare legs is a something we would rather not think about. Yes, we’re biased and I’m sure there are people out there who love nothing more than a good pair of Bermuda shorts. If you’re out there, please speak up.

So, Would you Wear Denim Bermuda Shorts?