Celebrity Style Deconstructred – Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato may have gotten her start singing about how much she loved a giant purple dinosaur (yes, that would be Barney), but through her fashion choices she’s proven that she’s all grown up, while still managing to maintain a youthful, eclectic style on or off the red carpet. Want to know how she does it? Then read on, my friends, read on…

Demi Lovato Style

1. Pop of Color

Demi Lovato Color Pops Credit: Mathew Imaging/WireImageNational Photo GroupNPG; Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin

First and foremost, Demi keep her sense of humor by not taking her ensembles too seriously and adding pops of color here and there. Adding a bright color to any outfit with a fabulous pair of shades or killer pair of shoes is a great (and cost effective!) way to bring levity and personality to an otherwise muted (read: boring) outfit.

Color Pops 1. Red sunglasses $3.99 from Forever 21 
2. Faux croc bag $50.32 from Asos
3. Neon yellow t-shirt $4.80 from Forever 21
4. Bright blue platform Court shoe $71.88 from Asos 

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    Having a sense of fun or whimsy, keeping things fresh is an important aspect of not just fashion, but of life. When you’ve adopted that attitude towards life, it can only be reflected in style and fashion choices…it would be impossible to resist!

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