Dear by Amanda Bynes – Celebrity Line Alert

What: What’s that? A celebrity line? How original! This time, for the younger set, Amanda Bynes “Dear” for Steve and Barry’s, to hit stores Aug. 16. All items will retail for under 20 bucks each.

What the fashion heads say: From Renata Espinosa at Fashion Wire Daily: “The collection … features predictable tween looks like hoodies printed with stars and hearts, cropped cargo pants, racerback tanks for layering and skinny stretch jeans.”

What I say: When we first wrote about the Amanda Bynes line back in May, we were less than thrilled. Now, some 60 days later, we’re still not thrilled about another celebrity line, but happy that parents will have another, budget friendly choice, when it’s time for back to school shopping.

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  1. Amy says

    Amanda was on Conan (or maybe J. Kimmel) the other nite wearing a whole outfit from the line and it was she looked adorable. I’m outside the demo, but I’ll check it out when I go back to Steve & Barry’s to see the fall line from Bitten (although fall here [Phx] isn’t really ‘til November, uugggh)

  2. Dianna says

    With all the less appealing starlets her age out there, she is a better role model for younger girls.  I do like the jeans in her collection.

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