Fall Trend Alert: The Day Clutch

What: Yet another handbag option for fall, the day clutch.

What the fashion heads say: This from Net-A-Porter.com’s Fall Fashion Flash: “Tote the new oversized clutch with an urban-cool daytime outfit.” The site goes on to laud Marc Jacobs as figuring large in the trend: “Not only has he brought us a dramatic new slimline silhouette this fall but the season’s most coveted accessory too.”

What I say: For the last few seasons, the day clutch has been lauded as the latest thing. Still, it doesn’t seem to be catching fire in day-to-day circles, mostly because who the heck wants to “clutch” their handbag while juggling the cell phone, coffee, car keys, etc.? The clutch is always elegant, but perhaps best left to those who have an entourage to handle the rest. If you like the look, however, why not make a statement with this “Recycled Billboard” clutch from Target?  The environmentalist in you will be at peace, and the handle makes it just a little bit more functional than a traditional clutch.


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  1. says

    I love that you keep it real. Yes, the clutch is for people who have an entourage. Still, they do look nice—give an outfit a nice sleek line. Fine, as long as I don’t have a bunch of junk to carry, or if my entourage is busy……

  2. Liz says

    I always thought the whole point of a clutch is understated refinement and minimal luggage, as in just tuck it under your arm and go. The oversized clutch seems to defeat the function of the concept, and is about as practical as a lunchbox-sized suitcase or a single-strapped backpack. On a side note, these clutches overwhelm petite women, another reason you won’t see me with one!

  3. Florence says

    Another awkward and totally impractical piece of fashion. I suppose it’s no worse than the cape which I am happy to say never really made a big spalsh when it was trotted out a couple of seasons ago.  Now the fashion dictators want to trot it out again along with the clutch and smaller handbags.

  4. says

    Definitely consider getting a clutch!

    I have three clutches that I love!  Normally, I have so much stuff to carry with me for the day that I have to take a tote.  Often I take a separate purse so that the essentials don’t get lost at the bottom of the tote. 

    Now, I put the essentials in a clutch, which I then put in the tote.  Then when I go into a store or restaurant I just take the clutch!  It’s great because it’s lightened the load that I carry and it makes everything so easy to find. 

    And of course, they are so glam 😉

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