To Veil or not to Veil?

Kate Middleton, Credit: Bridal Wedding Hairstyles

Just like gown styles change through time (right now, Jeffers says the sweetheart neckline is the most popular trend), so do veil preferences.

“When I started working at David’s Bridal 10 years ago, every bride I worked with asked for a full headdress including a veil, blusher and tiara,” Jeffers explained. “At that time, this is what all the major magazines were dressing their models in. It was very popular.”

“Today, some of my brides are unsure about the traditional veil. But once I explain the meaning of the veil and that it’s not just something an older relative wore when she got married, brides started warming up to the idea.”

It also helps that Crystal doesn’t just talk the talk. She gets into it.

“I start by putting veils on for fun. I romance the veil so that she can see the whole picture,” she says.

“It really gets the brides involved.”

Not before long, requests for Russian tulle blushers or colored hair clips are flowing in.