Have Fun (and an Open Mind) When Looking for “The One”

Getting a dress can be overwhelming. So many choices, so little time. Such pressure.

Whoa. . . chill, will ya?

First, “Each bride should come in relaxed and ready to have a good time,” says Jeffers. She’s absolutely right. This is supposed to be fun, ladies, so don’t lose sight of that.

Secondly, Jeffers recommends checking out the store’s Web site for style inspiration. “This will give the consultant an idea of what to put together for the bride-to-be’s visit. Also, keep an open mind.” She explained that the consultant may have suggestions that, while they may not be what the bride would typically gravitate towards, could actually become an “a-ha!” style moment. Who knows? It might become THE one.

Right again. I can’t tell you how many times friends have urged me to break out of my solid-color shell when I’m in the department store. When I try on a pattern, wow, I end up loving it. So trust your salesperson. Fresh advice can go a long way.

Finally, brides should not continue shopping after they’ve found “the one” (um, metaphorically AND literally, ladies). Jeffers says prolonging the search can be confusing, filling the bride’s mind with doubt. Bottom line? Follow your heart. She suggests purchasing your gown if you’ve found the one of your dreams, because it might not be there tomorrow.