Cyber Mondays? Yes, There is More Than One

Contrary to popular belief, there is more than one Cyber Monday– actually there are three different Cyber Mondays as well as a “Shipping Monday.” According to the National Retail Federation, this means that each Monday between Thanksgiving and Christmas, retailers will further reduce prices in an effort to boost sales.

This year’s Cyber Mondays fall on the following dates.

Dates of Cyber Mondays

  • November 30 (1st Official Cyber Monday): The best day for shoppers who want to be able to check off all the items of their list. The main advantage is that shoppers will find a wide selection of products (including the “must-have” items) while getting a good discount.
  • December 7 (2nd Cyber Monday): The day retailers offer deeper discounts, but product selection begins to thin out. This is for middle-of-the road shoppers who have a general idea of what they want, but nothing specific in mind.
  • December 14 (3rd Cyber Monday): Risk-takers will be doing their holiday shopping on this date. The items they have to choose from are sparse, but the upside is the unbeatable savings they’ll find.
  • December 21 (Shipping Monday): Generally the last day a product can be shipped and arrive on time before the holidays. This is for the procrastinator – and bargain hunter – willing to trade off selection for the ultimate deal.
  • Source: National Retail Federation

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