Cute Recyclable Bags on the Cheap

What: The Environmentally Friendly Graphic Series Bags from Envirosax.

The Lowdown: Until recently, it was an Inconvenient Truth that 99.99% of environmentally friendly products were either a. too expensive or b. butt ugly. Thanks to products like Envirosax’s Graphic Series Bags, ($7.95 a bag) and the more expensive but mucho environmentally friendly Bamboo series Bags ($24.95 a bag), you can be stylish, environmentally aware, and still have a bit of dough to donate to the Greenpeace.

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  1. says

    I HAVE THESE!  I cannot say enough good things about my Envirosax—recently my bag boy was complaining about how thin they are, but they really are strong and durable.  I’ve loaded them with three half gallons of milk and other various heavy things (in one bag) and there were no signs of stress at any of the seams.

    They’d be a great bag to give this upcoming holiday season.

  2. erin says

    I love these bags!  I have the monochromatic set (5 for $35).  They hold so much more than those awful plastic bags and can be used for more than just groceries.  Bonus is that they roll up really small and you can stick them in your purse or coat pocket.

  3. JennMSU says

    great idea! i just purchased a “pouch” of these bags in the retro graphic prints (5 in a pouch). i got a free shower timer, too. these will be a great bag to use for gifts for my girlfriends for the holiday. thanks!

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