Trade the New Year Party Hats for Pretty Hair Accessories

The New Year is upon us, but that doesn’t mean we have to wear 2014 party hats to declare our excitement.  We all know about the New Year.  Do we have to say it on our head?

Sure, we’re going to New Year’s parties, but what’s with decorating our tresses with pictures of champagne glasses or cardboard fireworks?  Let’s wear pretty hair accessories instead.

No, I’m not a party pooper.   I just think we spend so much time making sure our New Year look is just right, so why plop a sparkly 2014 tower on our head (that everyone else has anyway)?  Kind of makes looks more silly than stylin’.  Admit it: We’re going to wake up January 1st to a lot of party hat selfies (yes, I couldn’t resist using Oxford Dictionary’s WOTY) posted all over Facebook.  Same ole, same ole.

Ready to glam it up instead of ham it up?  Here are some pretty hair accessories that are perfect for celebrating the New Year.

Celebrate 2014 with These Pretty New Year Hair Accessories

[imagebrowser id=1087]

What about you?  Into the party hats or prefer other New Year hair accessories?

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