Cute Alternatives For Cheap Plastic Flip-Flops

The Deal: Wearing your Old Navy Flip-flops as everyday shoes? Put the “shoes” down and check out our flip-flop alternatives withfree shipping at Zappos

The Lowdown: Raise your hand if you own at least one pair of $2 Old Navy flip-flops (hmm umm, we see you out there). We like flip-flops as much as the next girl, a pair is always with us in our handbags for those “dang, these heels are killing me” moments. However, some of us (hmm umm, we still see you) abuse the comfort of flip flops, wearing them as everyday shoes. Look, the shoes are bad news for your feet, exposing your tootsies to all sort of germs and trauma.

We understand (boy, do we) that plastic flip-flops are high on the comfort and portability factor- so we went out, cause we love you, and found a few alternatives to the plastic flip-flops.


Our Picks:

Zappos Summer Footwear

1. BCBGeneration – Marianne (Black Canvas Frayed), $68.95
2. kensie girl – Allie (Purple Sky/Vivid Violet), $34.95
3. Madden Girl – Asiia (Black), $39.95

Zappos Summer Footwear

4. Bandolino – Qtee (Dark Blue Leather), $48.95
5. Volcom – Sweet Dreams Creedler W (Olive), $44
6. BCBGeneration – Marlena (Chilli Gold Jelly), $38.95

Zappos Summer Footwear

7. Bandolino – Quizzer (Medium Yellow), $48.95
8. Nine West – Rhosolyn (Yellow Synthetic), $48.95

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  1. Kara says

    Check out OKA b. has a fabulous collection of flip flops made from a proprietary material: microplast. They are super cute and have tons of styles. They are recycleable and made in the USA!

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