How to Make a Customized Serving Tray

Looking for a pretty tray to display small items on, or to serve drinks or snacks on? A customized serving tray can be used for many different decorating uses, and won’t take up much space. Make one yourself for a custom look – you just need some glue, a tray and some fabric and you’ll have a custom-designed tray for any occasion! You could even create a tray with fancy ribbon and elegant designs for a shower or birthday party, or a sports theme for football night.

You’ll need:



Glue stick or spray adhesive

X-acto knife

To make:

Measure the inside of your tray and cut fabric to fit with X-acto knife. Spray or streak on glue to the tray, then carefully lay down fabric, smoothing to remove any bubbles or wrinkles. Allow glue to dry, then show it off to your friends!

By using spray adhesive or a glue stick, you can change out the fabric if it gets stained, or if you just want to change up the look of the tray – use fancy paisley or plaids for a baby or wedding shower; team colors for a tailgate or football party; or holiday motifs for holiday parties.

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