How to Make Customized Napkins

There are so many good reasons to use cloth napkins – they’re a more environmentally friendly choice than paper, and make even a takeout meal seem just a touch more elegant. We like the clean look of plain, solid-colored napkins, but they can be a little boring. We took a set of inexpensive, plain white napkins and made them summertime-ready with the help of some fabric paint and a bug stencil picked up at the craft store.

How to Make Your Own Customized Napkins

To achieve this look, you’ll need:
A stencil
A round paintbrush for blotting
Fabric paint
Cloth napkins (preferably untreated, 100% cotton fabric)

To make:

Wash and dry napkins. Pour small amount of fabric paint in a cup. Place stencil in desired place on napkin, and blot the fabric paint on with paintbrush. Be sure to hold the stencil steady on the fabric to avoid any extraneous spots of ink. Carefully remove stencil and set aside napkin to dry, per the fabric paint instructions (a hot iron may be required to “set” the design). Wash, and enjoy!

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