Fashion Advice: Cheap Custom Made Suits For Men

Q:How can I buy custom made men’s suits for off the rack prices?

A:People (including myself) used to believe having a suit custom made meant spending a great deal of cash. However with many rack suits approaching $1000 buck or more, it may be actually cheaper to get your suits custom made. Several high end stores—Nordstroms, Saks, Marshall Fields, Kuhlmans and Bloomingdales—offer reasonably priced custom tailoring services starting around $400 per suit (cost depends on the fabric). If that is still a little too steep for your pockets, head out to your nearest outlet—and visit these stores:


Nordstrom’s Rack—Has an vast selection of men’s suits from designers such as Calvin Klein, Zegna, and Hugo Boss at 40-60% off retail prices.

Off Fifth Ave—Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet—If you like the main store, you will love their outlet. Great prices on men’s suits from Ralph Lauren (not the cheaper Chaps line) to Helmut Lang. It is also a wonderful place to buy male accessories, especially murses (male purses). Bought a beautiful coach Murse there earlier this year for 99 bucks.

The stores above have tailoring departments. It may not be custom made, but getting an $1200 Boss suit tailored to fit you for $325 buck ain’t too shabby.

Last Call Neiman Marcus.  Find big savings on suits from Zegna, Hugo Boss, Prada, and more. No on site tailoring, but who cares when you just scored a Hickey Freeman suit for $400.

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