Yea or Nay: Crocs

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I don’t like Crocs. I’m sure they’re comfy and my doctor friends swear by them, but there’s just something about the shoes that I just don’t like. Plastic clogs? Weren’t leather clogs bad enough?

Here’s the only people who should wear crocs:
– Sailors, Deck Hands, and other people who work on a boat.
– Gardeners, pool boys, and others who work outside and get wet
– Doctors, nurses, and other folks who work in the health care industry
– Kindergarten teachers, art teachers, and other who work near paint
– K-8 kids heading to camp
Martha Stewart

Everyone else, leave them in the store.

Yea or Nay: Crocs?

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  1. Becky says

    Yea!  They are SOOO comfortable and I think they are cute!  I have three pairs and my kids each have two… my husband even has a pair.  These are not about trying to be ‘fashionable’, but about fun and comfort.  I do wear them to work, as I teach special ed. in a middle school.  I would no sooner take fashion advice from Martha Stewart than I would take stock tips from her, but JMHO.

  2. says

    Nay. I understand they are comfy, but they are pretty darned ugly. It’s fine for chores around the house, but honestly, that’s about it.

  3. Rachel says

    As a nurse I like crocs. They are very comfy especially after working a 16 hours shift.
    As a regular person I hate it when I see people wearing crocs. They don’t match with anything!!! People wake up your shoes are fugly!

  4. M. S. says

    Nay, nay, nay!!  How did Crocs become so popular?  They may be comfortable, but they are oh-so-ugly.  My pajamas are comfortable, too, but I don’t wear them around town.  Crocs are the unisex jelly-shoe of the 21st century.  Eww.  Men look even more ridiculous in them than women.

  5. Mojo says

    Nay, Nay, Nay and Nay.. these things are atrocious.. I don’t care if they are comfortable, they look like gardening shoes.. They are ok for little kids if anything.. but I think adults wearing them look absolutely ridiculous and very fashion disabled.

  6. Jessica says

    A very hearty NAY!!!!!!!!!! they are quite hideous!!!!!!!!!! only children under the age of 5 look cute in them.

  7. Luan says

    Thank you! I just don’t get the craze with them. Now, I’m sure they are comfortable but you can be comfortable and stylish in something else.

  8. Lee says

    I’ve been wearing them for three years now and I’m not giving them up any time soon…They are comfortable,they stay clean very nicely and I like em…If Martha doesn’t want to wear them, she doesn’t have to….

  9. AprilD says

    Yea, but like you said, only when I’m working in the garden.

    It never dawned on me to wear them, like, “out.”

  10. ab says

    I have ONE pair of crocs that are extremely comfortable and not (that) ugly.  they are thongs and they have a fabric strap.  NOT the big plastic strap.  they are much more streamlined than the regular crocs styles.

    see pic:

    One major thing that irks me is their selection of loud-a** colors.  How ‘bout something subdued?

    What do you think of the other styles they have released that are more streamlined than the regular clog style?

  11. Courtney says

    Crocs are super-ugly. I don’t care how comfortable they are, they make your feet look like huge clown feet. Besides that, they look “cheap”.

  12. ihatecrocs says

    Hideous. Even worse than Uggs. I can’t tell you how much I hate these shoes. They are tacky and ugly. I don’t care how comfortable they are. They will never be stylish.

  13. says

    Don’t forget children’s librarians! lol. Before Crocs became popular and unavoidable, I bought three pairs of lightweight EVA clogs with a remvoable suede insole from a nursing supply website, They’re comfy, easy to clean, cool and give good arch support. And I got them 2 for $20. ($24 if you chose the ones with straps.) They’re not fashionable or very stylish, but I try to make up for it with the rest of my accessories. *smirk*

  14. says

    crocs aren’t made of plastic or rubber, but something called “PCCR” which i think is a type of foam. supposedly eliminates odors and prevents sweating. i recently held a croc for the first time and they are literally light as a feather. so now i see why people are wearing them, but i still say NEA cuz they are ugly as sin :)

  15. says

    rafters have special permission to wear them, too.  but no one else.
    and especially not with white athletic socks, which i see often.  cringe!

  16. Deb says

    Have you ever heard the expression “so ugly they’re cute”?  I have always had a strange attraction to “ugly” shoes and Crocs are no execption.  They are amazingly comfortable. I mostly use mine as house shoes, but I can see how the colors would be a fun way of expression for healthcare people.

  17. Sarah says

    I heard recently that hospitals are banning Crocs because:
    a)The holes are really unsanitary…apparently “fluid” can get in and that’s not good.
    b)Hospital workers are increasingly getting ankle injuries because they are trying to run down hallways in shoes not meant for running
    c)Crocs carry an electrical charge that can short neonatal monitoring equipment.

    So….Crocs are not just a no for “everyone but…” they’re just a NO.

  18. t says

    NAYYYY! Since the very day I laid eyes on them. My poor little suburban cousin wants some. :( They are not fashionable at all, but some of the variations I’ve seen in magazine ads lately look comfortable, functional and dare I say, a little wear-able (such as the sandals).

  19. says

    I have to agree.  Any grown person in these looks a little clown like.  My six year old wears them and they very cute on her.  If you’re over ten I think you’re pushing it.

  20. Amy says

    Nay!! They are ugly and cheap looking. And now there are loads of even cheaper looking knock-offs. I HATE them. I completely concur with your list!

  21. christal says

    Heck No!!! I hate to see them on people who don’t have to wear them too.  And on kids…. no comment.

  22. says

    Definite NAY on this one.  But since I work in a restaurant, I’m going to add one more group of people who can get away with wearing them: cooks.  There’s something to be said for non-slip shoes that you can hose off (or put in the dishwasher) should you happen to spill a pan of sauce on yourself.

    But their occasional practicality doesn’t alter the fact that they are irredeemably ugly.

  23. jj says


    I have a pair that I wear if I’m going to be spending extensive time working in the kitchen, and I sometimes leave them in my car as an emergency shoe when I’m breaking in new shoes.  But otherwise, they don’t see the light of day.

  24. monica says

    These are a Nay for me. I think they are UGLY! But my sister is a nurse and she loves them.I hear they’re very popular in Doctor’s offices and hospitals.

  25. julie says

    that would be a HELL NO! i absolutely hate those things. they are NOT cute in the least. i hate to say it but my friends and i make fun of people we see wearing them it doesn’t matter if they’re kids or adults.

  26. says

    Nay! I’ve been campaigning against Crocs for some time, and I don’t care how comfortable people say they are – my ratty old dressing gown is “comfortable” but I wouldn’t wear it in public either…

  27. nell says

    i really, really, REALLY agree!  i particularly hate their being “cutened” up with those ridiculous pin things.  ugh!

  28. says

    I agree- Nay.  I dislike Crocs.  I cannot believe how many people are wearing them.  Reminds me of good old Jellies from the 80’s-  how does this stuff catch on?

  29. velouria73 says

    I don’t actually have a pair of crocs (yet), but I think they’re a yea. They’re cute and fun, and who can’t use cute and fun shoes? They also come in a lot of nice colors. My sister wears them a lot and she manages to make them look quite stylish, plus she says they’re comfortable.

  30. Kristi says

    I LOVE MY CROCS!!!!!!  They have to be the most comfortable shoes ever made.  I bought the Mary Jane style and receive a lot of comments on them.  They are great shoes for kids too because they easily slip on and off when you are running out the door.  I wear mine to work then change into my heels when I am at the office.  I quickly switch back to them and enjoy a stroll through the city during lunch!!!!!  You should really give them a try.

  31. Monique says

    Hello people,
    This is just by far a NAY!  I am in healthcare and I still don’t think that they are cute.  There are some many other more fashionably comfortable shoes out there.  Please people this is not an excuse for comfort.  You can be comfortable and not look tacky at the same time.  Think about it please before you get a ticket from the fashion police.  Remember being a fashionista doesn’t mean you have to give up on style to be budget conscious!!

  32. Rene' says

    NAY. They are ugly.

    And as far as wearing them in a restaurant kitchen? Oh no, not me. I’ll admit there were times I wished for more cushioning in my shoes when I was working in the kitchen, and maybe for a little air movement around my feet occasionally, but the risk of burns on my feet if something splashed? It was bad enough having a 5 gallon pot of just-boiled potatoes slip and getting a hot water splash on my front (blistered before I could strip my shirt and bra off)—I never want to take that chance with my feet!

    Now, when I worked as a dishwasher? My waterproof Clarks at least looked like something reasonable, even if they did give off that “women in sensible shoes” vibe. Besides, they were kind of wide for their length and made my size-10 narrow feet look proportionate to my 5’6” big Germanic frame, especially with boot-cut jeans draping over them a bit.

    So, yeah, I’ve been guilty of crimes against fashion, including neon and ratty old clothes, but even I’m not about to be seen dead in Crocs. I’d wear aqua socks all day first, or sport sandals with athletic socks.

  33. C says

    Obviously I’m not the target audience for this blog, I’d rather wear Crocs (as ugly as they are) than ridiculously high stiletto-heeled pumps, or low-low-waisted jeans or high-high-waisted pants or half the crap the stores try to pass off onto us.

    Ugly shoes?  Sure, but comfort is a lot more attractive than a lot of the so-called fashion I see these days.

  34. megan says

    Crocs are the ugliest things ever! Save them for your garden do not go out in them thinkin you are cute and fashionable cuz in actuallity we are all laughing at you behind your back!

  35. Amy says

    Nay!  I can’t stand those things especially on men.  Yuk!  I don’t care how compfy they are they’re ugly.

  36. coco says

    NAY.  It took me a long time to even agree to put my toddler in them and i only relented because little ones cannot wear thongs and its too hot for sneakers in the summer.

    And to everyone who says they are comfie-fashion is about looks, otherwise we would all wear moomoos.

  37. lisa says

    Now, up until a couple of months ago, I would have been a “nay.” But, with some recently diagnosed podiatric issues, I love them! These are the only shoes, other than *one* model of sneaker, that I can wear without wanting to cry by the end of the day, so…I’ll sacrifice style for comfort, in this instance.

  38. Maureen says

    Yay on the fact that they are comfortable. I were mine once in a while. I work on my feet so putting them on on my days off feels great. They are a darn sight prettier than those jellies of about 20 years ago! The heck with fashion when its all about comfort.

  39. Nicolle says

    The original get a hearty “Nay!” from me.  The Mary Jane style of crocs are better, but still ugly.  Some of the styles of sandals they offer aren’t ugly, but I wouldn’t wear them since they aren’t cute either.

  40. AL says

    I wear mine (black, with no holes) mostly when out in the backyard to play with my dogs.  I will wear them around town on rainy days when running errands.  I don’t give a flp what anyone thinks of them when I wear them.

  41. Latia says

    You know, I’d say NAY…but since I’ve tried them on, I’ve become a big ol’ Yay-er.
    Besides, since the fashion world wasn’t digging the clogs, Crocs went on and made some fashion forward styles that we all can agree on.  Have you seen the Prima flats? Like most ballet flats, they’re cute-but unlike most, they have arch support (which is a big YAY) and heel support as well.  They make these cute wedges and some mary jane styles that I wear for work as a makeup artist….Of course I have those terrible clogs (in hot pink, nonetheless) but I am just suckered into the ugly by the comfy.
    So as far as Crocs go, I am going to have to give them a gigantic YAY.

  42. cathy says

    Nay!!!!!! I HATE Crocs! There are lots of comfy shoes out there that aren’t ugly. I have some Clark’s sandals that are just so comfortable, but they are also ok to wear to work in an office and are not made of plastic.

  43. Michelle says

    I love my crocs, yes, they are ugly I agree, but for puttering around the house and yard or going to the beach they are WONDERFUL.  I do not wear them to work, (I work in the Healthcare field) but they sure are comfy.

  44. Newman says

    As a highschooler, I must say that winter ‘05/spring of ‘06 these were popular with all of us who ran track and cross country, but even now, I don’t think I’ve seen a single pair since then aside from the 6 year old I babysit! I myself was never into them, the only function they served was so I could walk in my “spikes” at the meets and not damage them because I pulled the crocs on over them. It’s SO appalling too after taking a trip to NYC and Boston, fashion capitals, to see sleek women running around in Armada and such, but wait, with bulky CROCS on their feet?? tsk tsk and a big NAY!

  45. Betsy says

    NAY!  Only on little kids – my 3yr old and 9 yr old boys look adorable in them and they are easy to wash mud off of but I will not wear them…

  46. Holly says

    I hate crocs. they are my biggest pet peeve. They make my skin crawl. Kids can wear them with their adornments, but grown men and women need to recycle them. I don’t know why but they really disturb me.

  47. Jenn P says

    nay, nay, nay, nay, NAY! i know ppl who have bought not one, but two pairs for everyone in their family! everyone knows your together. sort of like wearing, “johnson family reunion 2007” t-shirts at a theme park. :) and i agree w/ a previous poster—don’t run in them. i have heard of folks rolling their ankles because they were trying to get some place little too quickly and oops! not a chance.

    ugh, and i know that these have been out for a few years, but i live in a small town so even when the trend is over in most towns it’ll still be cycling through here for at least a year. yippee …

  48. Leslie says

    Crocs are awful, made worse by those who wear socks with them! The bright colored ones are the absolute worse!! Plastic shoes look so cheap, no matter how allegedly comfortable they may claim to be. Oh by the way, Crocs are not that cheap in price. There are so many attractive comfortable shoes in the marketplace today, why not purchase those!

  49. kelly says

    I like them for outdoor activities involving dirt or water – they are great at the beach.  I go to beaches in New England (rocky, not sandy) so they stay on my feet while protecting me from heat and stones.  I love the fun colors too.  I think they are a bit clunky but for the price (I have croc-offs) they work for me rather than more expensive and more athletic Teva-esque sandals.

  50. stephlsu says

    nay nay NAY! Plastic shoes??? Come on! They are beyond ugly. I don’t care how comfortable they are. I wouldn’t wear them.

  51. Marianne says

    Before you say nay to Crocs, check out their “Prima” style.  The “Prima” Croc has all the benefits and comfort the ugly ones do, but they are ballet flats!

  52. laughinglulu says

    nay. obviously.
    However, clearly the Budget Fashionista is preaching to the choir when expressing her dislike for Crocs.
    People who read and respond to fashion blogs are not the ones who need convincing of the horror of these repelling things.
      Additionally, I do share various reader’s impatience with those that insist on being ‘comfortable’ above all else. A little bit of formality and decorum (footwear, clothing and civility to others, most importantly) should be restored to this wildly varied yet sometimes tacky cultural pastiche of America.

  53. Tina says

    Definitly a NAY. How does one think that a plastic shoe made for gardening should be worn out in public? To me this goes along with women who shop with curlers in their hair. I can’t imagine any self respecting man wearing these either. I’ve read the other comments and I’m sure they’re comfy, but so are many other things that people don’t and shouldn’t wear in public. There has to be a better choice for comfy easy to wear shoes than these hideous beasts.

  54. stacey says

    My LITTLE boy and LITTLE girl have them – and they are both under 6.  We live on the Beach and we have and excuse to own them. Little feet get hot on the sand! They do not wear them in place of dress shoes and they do not wear them in place of sneakers.
    ADULTS should not wear them.  Plain and simple – that is a fashion don’t and you are just plain giving up on yourself if you are wearing them instead of a cute pair of kitten sandals or open toe mule slides.

  55. bgwqlc says

    Nay…I used to work at this Hallmark brand store for a few months and I never got the appeal.  I wore a pair around for a few hours and did not like them one bit. But the mass public loves them. We sold them for almost forty dollars and they would sell like hot cakes! We also sold something called “Jibbitz” that were around $2.50 a piece.  People could put them in the Crocs and spell words or use the ones that had symbols on them.

  56. says

    The funniest part to me is all the comments saying that those who wear clogs are delusional for thinking they’re cute, when really, most of us don’t give a sh*t if you think they’re cute or not. When I wear them out it’s because I’ve just stepped out of my garden or because I am tired from chasing my two kids around and want something that will easily slip on.

    they are comfortable and lovely obviously a very loud YAY!

  57. tanya says

    I’m old enough to buy what I want, and wear what I want.  I love my Crocs, and if anyone made a disparaging comment about them *to my face,* well, I think they know better.

  58. says

    Nay… except on occasion for art teachers, boaters, gardeners, and health care professionals.  My sister has a pair in beige for gardening and that’s tolerable.  I prefer my flip flops while gardening, though, and I can’t bring myself to pay money for such ugly shoes.  I dislike clogs in general.  The new styles of Crocs, like the ballet flat style, look much better than the clogs in the ads I’ve seen, but I’ll have to see them in person before I pass final judgement.

  59. Croclover says

    Love them, VERY ATTRACTIVE!!! For those haters out there, I think stilletos and high heels of any kind are fugly. So, for all of you manolo lovers out there, those make me want to retch!!!!

  60. Kris says

    nay.  i just can’t see paying even $10 bucks at wal-mart for a pair of these… and then they came out with ones in the ugliest swirl color mixes…
    but i do agree with u on the list of those that should be allowed to wear them, although… well, they are full of holes. if u are around water alot, wouldn’t u want shoes that do not have so many holes? or maybe i am just not around water much….

  61. Sasha says

    wow, such impassioned responses about crocs.  Do we really need to ask this question???  all styles of crocs are ugly and unfashionable, QED.

  62. Michele says

    Ok, I have to say I love them. I have arch problems, and I do say they are comfy, although ugly as hell. But then again, many things are. The one drawback, my feet sweat sooo very badly when I wear them, even with socks. They sit in my closet next my running shoes and my Steve Madden heels….

  63. Kate says

    NAY!!! Crocs are uglier than Uggs (don’t even get me started), and what’s more hideous, men, women, and children of all ages wear them out as if they are an acceptable footwear alternative. Going camping? Get some river shoes. At home? Wear slippers. Going out? Put some damn shoes on please!

  64. Olga says

    I’ve never seen or tried them on them in real life, believe it or not. Won’t the plastic hurt your feet? I mean, plastic is a tough material?

  65. Jennifer says

    They may be ugly but they are the most comfortable shoes on earth. I have over 25 pairs in my closet. I can speak with some authority because I am a teacher and stand on my feet all day. I wore my crocs from October till April everyday and for the first time in 13 years I did not have back or heel problems. However, Corcs is addressing the ugly factor and putting out a line of high fashion shoes with the same comfort technology starting in July. Perhaps you might wait to pass judgement till they are on the market :)

  66. taylor says

    ewwwwwwwwww crocs! on little kid’s they are kind of cute, but only slightly. never ever to a fasion show (cough, cough Jared Let) if you simply must wear crocs wear them when you are gardening or wear the little flats. those are kind of cute. also, what’s even worse than crocs?
    Camo crocs. you shouldn’t wear camo crocs unless you are hunting, perhaps for crocidiles.

  67. says

    They are hardly attractive, but I do wear the Beach and Cayman styles for gardening and puttering around the house.  Note that I am a nurse and while I do see a lot of my co-workers wearing Crocs, they don’t offer much foot protection.  If one requires protection and slip resistance, Crocs are far from ideal footwear.  But, for gardening or a day at the beach, they really can’t be beat.

  68. nybronxgirl says

    Definitely yea to the crocs. Sometimes comfort wins out. I wear mine with flair jeans, so it’s not like you can see the whole shoe anyway. But if you think that is bad you will really trip when you see what I have been wearing lately. I have been wearing the curves leg toning sandals from Avon. They are like a knock off of the MBT sneakers.

    These sandals are definitely more comfortable than the crocs, and they are toning my legs, abs, and butt at the same time.

    TBF, have you tried these out? What about the fit flops..Have you done a review on those? I would like to know your opinion on this new line of workout footwear.

  69. Alexis says

    So glad I am not in the minority thinking they are a big NAY. They’re the kind of ugly that makes me almost break out in hives. Totally grotesque, no matter how comfy. Also, I can’t see how the ones with the holes could be good for people who work around any liquids—blood, kitchen grease, paint, or otherwise. How could it be beneficial to wear shoes that allow that stuff to get on your feet, or on your (shudder) white socks?

  70. Robin says

    I live in Florida and EVERYONE wears them year round here. I can’t believe how much they cost (for plastic shoes) and people buy them! I would never wear them, nor would my son or husband. I do think Crocs look cute on kids and at the beach.

  71. Camille says

    This may be a bit off topic…But!!!

    Crocs are not safe! I am recovering from a 4 day stint in the hospital because of my croc Mary Janes :(
    The problem is they grip too well and adults and children have been falling. In mt case I tripped in my yard. The shoes stayed put, but my body didn’t! I went airborne and hit the ground I then slide in to my wooden fence and took out a board with my head. You can giggle and I won’t be offended, because it sounds really funny! I then proceeded to get up assuming I was fine and too the contrary I wasn’t. My head was swollen to the size of the elephant man. I rushed myself to the hospital only to pass out in the ER parking lot.

    The fuuny thing is I was warned I didn’t listen to my neighbor who told me three days prior to my fall that this would happen if I kept wearing my Crocs. he’s a dentist who’s treated several kids who knocked their teeth out from trips and falls.

    Luckily I came away with a concussion a really bad one. So, I said all this babble to say….Throw those darn shoes out and please take them off your children!

  72. Lauren says

    I wore crocs during the last two snowy months of my pregnancy, because my feet had swelled up over four sizes larger than my normal 9.5! The only other shoes that fit were my husbands flip flops. But, now I just look at them in my closet and shutter. At least I can blame it on the horomones, but I really can’t understand why other people like them so much. I’ll probably keep them, “just in case” for the next pregnancy, but I would not choose to wear them if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.

  73. molly says

    crocs are the best shoes anyone can wear. they are so easy to clean that you can just put them in the dishwasher if you really wanted to get them squeky clean. i wear crocs 24-7. they are more comfy than any shoe. you can wear them anywhere. they are just like sneakers but you can get them wet. i don’t see how people can’t wear them. they match with anything. and to the people who had -accidents- with them, it was probably because you weren’t paying attention. me and my brother have been wearing them since they came out and we haven’t had any injuries.

  74. nancy says

    crocks are so UGLY it is not even funny how does people stand to wear them much less look at them my child came home from a friends house with a pair (they went shopping) i made har take them back :O

  75. Joyce says

    Being from Holland originally I still find any kind of clogs a farmers shoe. I think like the article says, only people who work in certain jobs or kids should wear them. Also I hear of a lot of little kids around me that tripped because of wearing Crocs.

  76. says

    As much as I hate these shoes, they are so comfortable. I was running outside to grab something and slipped into my boyfriend’s clogs. I thought, “These are ugly, but I really need to get my bag out of the car.” I don’t think these shoes should see the light of day, but they are great house shoes. If you clean with your slippers, you risk ruining them with harmful chemicals. Trust me, I accidently bleached my field hockey hoodie spraying a counter. With Clogs you can get down and dirty without ruining your shoes. I’d add, house cleaning to the list.

  77. Jake says

    Wow, I didn’t realize that there were so many croc haters out there. I just work in a dentists office and I only wear them on days that I have to wear, but I honestly don’t care when or where other people wear them…. Unless they’re going to church or prom…. that would be a no no.

  78. Jim Murray says

    YEA!!!! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yes, they might not be the most fashionable or best looking, but for comfort…you can’t beat them. I own several pair and ware them all year-round…no matter the weather. My favorite is the Men’s Yukon Sport Clog, with leather. It’s all I wear!!!!

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