Nay (Cause there’s really no Yea): Croc Fall 2007


I totally had another yea or nay planned for today, but I just had to share these shoes from Croc’s Fall 2007 line. I’m really trying to give the croc people a chance. I even wrote a somewhat nice review of their new You by Croc line.

But these shoes are the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen in my entire life. These shoes are so ugly, they’re evil. Like something created by the Dark Lord Voldemort.

If you’re going to vote Yea on this one, you better have a good reason, a VERY good reason.

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  1. christal says

    I have never seen anything more strange, more ugly, and more ridiculous ever.  This is why I said nay to the originals.  See what you supporters started.

  2. Cherly says

    NAY!  Oh My God! they are ugly. Chunky, clunky and furry! I hope to god no one buys these shoes, but I can already see my neigboor wearing them to the supermarket during winter.

    Really, why?!

  3. says

    Those are absolutely vile.

    I’d like to think that Voldemort has better taste than that…it’s like something a Muggle would wear.

  4. Mojo says

    Argh.. I don’t even think Voldemort would be evil enough to make such shoes.. Horrifying.. just when I thought Crocs couldn’t possibly be uglier.

  5. says

    Ayup, nasty.  Doesn’t the wooly lining sort of defeat the whole purpose of Crocs?  I mean, does it matter that the croslite is breathable when you have your foot stuck in a lamb?  And, just how much water can these suckers absorb and still float?  Can they still be hosed off or washed (Eek!) in the dishwasher?  Scary.

  6. Amy says

    A horrifying hybrid of two of the worst footwear trends of the last few years—crocs and uggs. My god. Are we really THAT desperate for comfort? If comfort is the goal just put on a pair of sneakers and be done with it.

  7. says

    Are these actually supposed to be shoes you wear out of your house…or are they house shoes? Whichever they are…they are horrid!

  8. ohiogirl says

    Ah, but your question wasn’t “Do you like THESE crocs” it was “Do you like Crocs?”

    Like the orig. crocs but these?  Awful, awful, awful.

    And BTW, I know crocs are not high fashion, but I know enough women with horrible feet that are thrilled to be able to walk without pain or orthodics, with multiple color choices, that you have to give crocs props for that.

  9. velouria73 says

    I supported crocs in the original yea or nea thread and I still like them.  But the fuzz… no. I can’t get behind these.  They really look bad. I did have some slippers sort of like that slip on with wooly lining type thing, but the closest I got to wearing them out of the house was to the mailbox. And those weren’t pink plastic!


  10. LaLa says

    Ok, I would never go out on a date in these, even if my feet were swollen to three times their normal size, there are some things you just don’t do. That being said I think these are adorable in a so-fugly-they’re-cute-way (I think it’s partly the fur and the fact that they’re pink). But the only (read ONLY) place I would be wearing these is in the yard, buying groceries, or some other uber casual task. I’m thinking, with a funky skirt and plain t-shirt, or black curve hugging capris and a crazy top…you could make these work.

  11. Maggie says

    I say Nay… But maybe they’re house shoes?  As fugly as they are, I would forgive a friend if they only wore them around the house.

  12. says

    They are so ugly that my eyes hurt!  I know they are suppose to be super comfy, but I didn’t find them so.  Anyway couldn’t they make them more attractive?

  13. Judy says

    OMG…you are right…these are the most awful things I have ever seen…a cross between Crocs and Uggs (which I despise).  There must be a special ring in Dante’s Inferno reserved for the designer of these things.

  14. Ginny says

    Personally, I wouldn’t touch them with a 10 foot pole (and then some), but….I have a 10 year old daughter – you know the type, cute as a button, petite.  The only thing I really, truly hate on her is the hopefully over trend of making young girls look like street walkers.  That said, she can easily get away with Uggs and Crocs, even duck house shoes, so she might, just might, find these to her liking.  I say take advantage of it, honey.  Just like bubbles look cute when you’re 10 months with rolls (that, yes, look adorable), 10 year olds should be the target market for these “shoes.”  Adults, on the other hand, need to know when to shout “OVER MY DEAD BODY!”

  15. hsk says

    Looks like Santa and the elves GONE WILD!!
    Maybe Mrs. Claus gone wild with the pink and all.
    This could be worse than the Christmas sweater…
      No joke

  16. Becky says

    Despina and Cassandra… ROTFLMAO!!!  Like some of you, I love the original Crocs. I teach and am on my feet a lot, so they have a lot of utilitarian value for me.  But these… these… BEASTLY things!!!  Like you, Danielle, I am getting that really bad taste in my mouth.  Yea to regular Crocs.  But as to these… I don’t know what to call them, as they cannot be dignified with the word ‘shoes’, I say ‘Hell to the freakin’ NO!!!”

  17. DeAndrea says

    They look warm, but I guess they should be since your feet would be festering in a pool of their own sweat.

  18. says

    Just tried these on at Nordstrom and although I have NEVER liked crocs or found them to be comfortable, I loved these! They feel like super soft comfy slippers. They don’t have the side holes, (which are so large my toes came through them), and the fur liner is washable. As a true croc-hater, I shocked myself and bought the black with black ‘fur’ which my ultra picky husband agreed looked super cute. I do think it helps that I have very small feet. Also, who cares about ugly anyway. I’m way beyond caring about what something looks like!

  19. julie says

    Sorry, I like Crocs.  Just got my first pair not long ago…working in healthcare they seemed sensible and like work shoes, nothing more.  I never thought of how they looked, just like I don’t think of how running shoes, rock climbing shoes, or hiking boots look.  They take some getting used to. Once you are used to how ugly they are, they aren’t really ugly anymore.  And, when everybody is wearing them, its not ALL about being trendy at all.  Buying a pair for me was something I finally allowed myself to do after being curious for a very long time, and also because I got some by chance at a great price. I don’t mind people looking at my feet and asking “what are those?” As a person with wide feet I’ve often had to compromise between the best fashion choice and comfort.  Not always by choice, either.  Sometimes the best shoe for the outfit simply does not come in my size.  I’ve managed to find comfort in quirky trends such as doc martens, Ugg boots (I have four, including clogs), and now crocs.  I would never ever pay the price they’re asking for the new “fashion” lines, like the high heeled boots.  They may be comfortable, but I’m not going to pay to find out if they are or not.  After more reviews, if they hold up to critics, I may try them.  These, which look just like a cross between regular crocs and UGGs…I have to try these…they are ugly if I allow myself to think about it.  But, my confidence in wearing them, especially knowing that my feet are more comfortable than anyone else will allow me to wear them day in and day out.  I may even buy more than one pair!  Love these.  I’m riding the trend while I can; soon enough they’ll be lame (in my town, right now, they are far from lame), and then I’ll be back to forcing my Fred Flintstone feet into whatever almost-cute compromise for fit and fashion I can find.

  20. Jennifer says


    I am a supporter of the CROCS…. and for all of you who think they are ugly. Go to the store, pick a pair up, go work an 8 hour shift and tell me how your feet are. They won’t hurt.


  21. Vicki says

    WTF?!?!  Have they lost their minds?!?!  “Right” doesn’t even factor into what those are; those are so f***ing ugly, my vomit vomited!

  22. Jennifer says

    I bought these for my daughter and a similar pair which are black with black lining for my son. I never liked slippers with cloth bottoms because they get dirty and torn up easily. I consider these glorified slippers. I can have my kids throw them on if we need to run to the store or something. When you have small children it takes more time to have them put on socks and lace their shoes and all that. In the summer I have them wear flip flops to the store but it’s too cold here now for expsoed toes. I think these will work out nicely and my kids like those little Jibits things you put on the shoes to personalize them.

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