Crimped Hair: Beauty Trend

What: Here’s a reason to kick yourself for getting rid of your crimping iron at that garage sale. It’s baaack.

The Word: reports that a modern take on crimped hair ran haywire at the spring 2008 Burburry Prorsum runway show. Says stylist Malcolm Edwards, the man behind the crimping iron: “I loved how the hardness of the crimping was made more subtle by letting straight hair drape over the top. It’s cool, easy, wearable but strong.”

Our Word: We’re kind of speechless. This is one look we never thought we’d have to revisit. If you still own a crimping iron and want to take a chance with this look yourself, take inch-thick sections of hair at the crown, pin them back, then crimp the hair underneath in a crisscross pattern (as opposed to the typical horizontal way). Let the top, uncrimped hair drape over, then work some styling cream (like tk) throughout your locks to add help blend the whole look together.


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  1. Target-Addict says

    Ewwwww!  Say it isn’t so!!  I can’t STAND crimped hair, although my husband claims he loves it in a trashy/80’s/Whitesnake-video kind of way 😉

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