Credit Crunch Couture? Queen of England Starts a New Trend


What: The Queen of England has gone extra budget this year, giving employees silver plated coasters for gifts and stretching her wardrobe by wearing the same outfit *gasp* twice and stalling repairs on her home.

What They Say: “Whatever is the mood of the nation, she (Queen Elizabeth) tries to go along with that mood,” Nicholas Davies, an author of several books on the monarchy, told AFP.The sovereign has a personal fortune of 320 million pounds (475 million dollars, 355 million euros), according to The Sunday Times newspaper’s 2008 Rich List, but is not a spendthrift.  “She’s not a flamboyant character and never has been,” Davies said. “She is not someone who has gone and spoiled her children, because she doesn’t believe in spoiling them. She would expect them all (the other royals) to follow her example this Christmas.”

What We Say:Which is worse? Getting silver-plated coasters for Christmas Or that the Queen’s wardrobe is so plain that we honestly wouldn’t be able to tell if she wore something twice. Regardless, it’s kind of cool that a head of state is not only encouraging her country to be frugal, but is also being a bit frugal herself. Apparently the new trend is called “credit crunch couture” and this isn’t anything new for a Queen known for her frugality

Now if only she would hold a sample sale of the crown jewels and her hats on the roundabout outside the palace.

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