How to Make a Creative Collage

Did you hear the one about the art collector who recently spent $80 million on a Claude Monet painting? (We’re not kidding.) While it may be nice to have that kind of recreational money (especially for one of Monet’s Impressionist canvases), it’s not exactly realistic for a diva on a dime. And because we, like you, like to fill our homes with unique pieces, we’re not about to spend hundreds on a mass produced knock-off. Instead, here’s our fun, creative and youthful suggestion on how to fill your free wall space.

What: Get your girlfriends together to relive the days of cut-and-paste by creating a large collage (thanks to Oprah, they’re not just for teens anymore). Don’t forget to get the energy going with some tasty eats and yummy bevy’s.

What you’ll need:

A large frame

A piece of bristol board

A pencil

A few pairs of scissors

Some glue sticks

Anything you can use for the collage: old magazines, wrapping paper, wallpaper scraps, maps, felt, paint, CD covers, old books… use your imagination!

What to do:

Trim the piece of bristol board so it fits perfectly into the frame. (Do this by taking the glass out of the frame, laying it flat on the bristol board, tracing a line around it in pencil and cutting along the line with a pair of scissors.)

Ask everyone to cut inspirational words or images from the magazines. Tear up old pieces of wrapping paper or wallpaper scraps. Cut out countries you’ve been to on old maps. Rip off the cover to your favourite CD. Take quotes from your favourite book, type them up on your computer and print them out.

Once everything has been cut, torn, ripped or printed, have your friends paste it to the bristol board. Make sure to add extra glue to any edges that may not lay flat.

Let your almost there piece of art dry for a of couple hours.

Put the collage in your frame.

Hang on your wall.

Admire your cool, one-of-a-kind piece of art!

Photo Courtesy: sidddd

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