Fake Debate: Cracking Down on “Hot” Handbags


What: Retail crime is up. And Congress is paying attention, with bills that give authorities more freedom to stop it.

What They Say: ” A mass of buyers for hot new products [for instance, the trendiest new handbags] at huge discounts is fueling organized retail crime—giving “hot” a darker meaning on the Internet, swap meets or flea markets.”

What We Say: If you’ve ever been to NYC,  it was probably hard to resist the urge to buy that $15 Chanel purse in that shady alley way. But even if you’ve never gone bargain hunting in Chinatown, you’ve been to Craigslist and eBay, which feature ridiculously cheap designer clothes and accessories that, at times, seem all too good to be true/legal. Since shoppers are on an increasingly tight budget and retailers are nixing more and more staff every day, theft is bound to be a big problem. You may be contributing to it unknowingly—find out if you’re sporting a fake Louis Vuitton.

Are you okay with buying “hot” commodities, and if so, will you be disgruntled if law enforcement makes them less accessible, even to the benefit of the retail industry?

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  1. lulu2 says

    I am all for cracking down.

    Why would one begrudge the retail industry what is rightfully theirs ? That is like asking if it would be ok to steal from me and then having the police look for my stuff to “benefit” me. If we don’t do business honestly, then how are businesses suppose to thrive ? It SHOULD benefit the retail industry, it is THEIR product.  If we can’t obtain something legally and ethically, why do we feel entitled to having it anyway we can ?

    Furthermore, I was a Coach investor for a long time ( I no longer own their stock ) and it burns me that others would take Reed Krakoff’s intellectual property and use it or even steal product to sell. The fact that Coach spent money policing counterfeits costs me, the small investor, money.  I saved up my money to buy some stock honestly, save up your money to buy a bag honestly. For cryin’ out loud IT IS A BAG – it is not food for your kids !!!!!  If your budget is tight, then don’t buy it. Isn’t that how we all got into trouble in the first place ?

    Maybe those people losing their jobs are doing so because of all the illegal activity pulling business away from their employer….. Hmmmmmm.

    Have we really become a nation where we feel so entitled to something that we are not willing to deal in good faith with anyone ….not even a simple transaction ? Why should the police turn a blind eye to me getting stolen goods to my own benefit vs. the retailer’s, legal benefit ? And why is their such an antagonistic view of the relationship : it’s either the retailer or me – every person for their own self….er, bag. 

    Charge people with recieving stolen property. Period. See if the budget has some wiggle room for bail.

  2. ellyabillion says

    Nice spamming, ajdv. Replica handbags fall under the same category as outright fakes. (it infringes in intellectual property)

  3. lulu2 says

    I actually cracked up about adjv – I felt like I was in the twilight zone for a second….it was such a disconnect from my rant !!!  : )  I just had to chuckle !

    But seriously, the funny thing about these “faux” and “hot” bags, is that many, many times you can get a very good deal on the real, legal stuff. I had been saving up to buy a nice black, leather tote. Recently, I went by a Coach outlet and they were having an additional 75% off of some bags. I walked out of there with a large black tote, a large forest green satchel, a key ring and a small wallet for under $300. With that said, my neighbor bought a faux D&G;bucket bag and a faux Coach small tote at one of those handbag parties for $350 total. And her D&G;replica is already falling apart…………

    Bag, Borrow, or Steal also has some great sales on REAL bags.

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