Cozy up to Your Water Heater: Green Tips

When was the last time you gave your water heater a hug?  OK, maybe it doesn’t need a hug, but at least give it a brief pat.  Does it feel warm to the touch?  If so, your water heater is in need of a cozy!

If your water heater is more than five years old, it’s most likely losing heat and wasting energy due to a lack of internal insulation. Covering your water heater with a blanket could prevent you from releasing about 250 pounds in CO2 emissions annually.

Before you do anything, check the owner’s manual for your water heater to ensure yours isn’t already insulated. Also ensure using an insulating jacket won’t void your warranty.

Once you’ve decided to go forward with warming your heater, you can either purchase one at a hardware store (for example this one for $21.99 from Ace Hardware) or create your own.  To create your own cozy, use an insulated blanket, wrap fully around the water heater and secure with duct tape.

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