Covet .com: Site Review

Every budget shoppers dream? Their own personal shopper, something which most of us have zero first-hand experience with by virtue of the fact that we are, well, on a budget. Enter, which gives you the benefit of a service that targets your personal style, searches for designer and namebrand items to match—items on sale—and e-mails them to directly to you, for your consideration.

Our Review: The first step? Determine your style, which this site does with a process they call “The Stylyzer”—a sometimes quick and easy process in which you view a series of fashion and style-related images and pick which one best suits your tastes. Once complete, the site assigns you a category (Angela, for the record, is “Couture Eceletic”—she feels more chic already). Then, select your sizes and contact preferences (via e-mail or Facebook, daily vs. weekly, etc.). 

It could end there, which would be fun enough for us actually, but is serious about matching items to your personal preferences, so if you disagree with their assessment of your personal style, you can peruse other options and select one of those instead. It also gives you the opportunity to tell them what colors, patterns, silhouettes, brands etc. you don’t dig, in order to best personalize selections sent. Then, you just sit back and wait for the e-mails.

Okay, so you still have to do the actual shopping yourself. And you’re not going to get 15 coordinated outfits with accessories in one sitting and a nice latte to sip while you make your selections. But it’s a pretty darn good tool for busy, stylish women to seek out great designer and namebrand fashion without even trying.

The Verdict: Yea. No, it’s not a necessity, but it is kinda fun. The catch? We are budget shoppers after all, and not everything you get sent to you is going to fit your financial plan—even if they are “on sale” (because these are generally designer items, and even on sale carry a pricetag equal to a car payment). Also it might be a good idea for them to hide the faces of the celebrity featured because there were times that we hesitated to choose a particular look because we weren’t fans of the celebrity wearing it. But being that it’s free and completely painless, it’s an easy tool for bargain-lovers like us to find deals we might not otherwise have unearthed.

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