Cover Girl Queen Lasting Lipliner

What: Angela glides on Cover Girl’s Queen Lasting Lipliner

The Lowdown: Not being a big fan of lipstick, my favorite way to add a little color to my pout is to fill in with lipliner, and glide on some clear gloss. The problem? Like any other lipcolor, staying power is tough to come by. This Queen collection lipliner claims to be “lasting.” Does it live up to that promise? We’ll see.

I’ve found that true pencils (the kind you have to sharpen) generally are longer lasting than the twist up kind, and this Lasting Lipliner is of the latter variety, so I had my doubts. It does, however, glide on easily as promised, something the pencil kind doesn’t always do. So “silky smooth” as the packaging claims? Yep. Soft natural color? Yes. Lasting? Well, not bad, but not much different than any other liner I’ve tried. I will say, however, that maybe it wasn’t a fair test: I went to the movies and noshed on a large popcorn—not many lip colors would last through that, no matter how good.

The Verdict: Yea, though not necessarily for the “lasting” component. But it’s inexpensive, non drying, and the color—in this case “Rose”—looked soft and natural.

Buy It:, $6.29

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