Poor People’s Fashion Funds Rich People’s Fashion: Isaac Mizrahi Couture Show

Interesting interview with Isaac Mizrahi about his Couture show. IM is the perfect example of how mass market lines help fund a designer’s Couture line. I just wish the designers would acknowledge the link- I mean, Mizrahi’s Couture line was in the tubes (it was a brilliant line though), before his success at Target allowed him to resurrect it.  Apparently, Isaac acknowledges the role of his Target line as being “good business” in another video from Coutorture. But Isaac is one of the few designers to openly admit how mass market lines is very good business. Proenza Schouler’s line struggled financially, before inking a deal with Target that will probably give them much needed cash. Karl Lagerfeld’s “lower” priced line at Neiman Marcus failed miserably, while his brief line for H&M sold out in like 10 minutes.  How many people knew who Vitkor & Rolf were before their line at H&M and what impact will this line have, in terms of sales, on their higher end lines?

Poor(er) people’s fashion funds rich (er) people’s fashion.

Thanks Coutorture for the videos


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