What: “Budget” collection from high-end designer Courreges, available online at LaRedoute

Who: Andre Courreges invented the mini skirt in 1964 (which he paired with white go-go boots), the swing coat, and the A-line mod dress- making him one of the most influential designers of the last fifty years. After leaving Balenciaga in 1961, he started his own line and helped defined the “sixties” look through his liberal use of white, straight lines, cut-outs, and his SPACE AGE collection. Pieces in the collection for La Redoute include a version of the white A-line dress and a red patten leather tote, with prices starting from $49.99.

My thoughts: It’s interesting and a lot cheaper and easier than trying to score a vintage Courreges piece. Courreges for La Redoute