12% Off Coupon at Boden, Which You Will Need ‘Cause Their Cute Stuff is Super Expensive

The Deal: Get 12% off plus Free Shipping on Boden’s Autumn line!

The Lowdown: Boden isn’t the cheap spot to shop, but darn it, they have the cutest stuff. Which is such a catch 22 for us, because $278 for a pair of boots is crazy (1/4 of our yearly clothing budget), but these hot pink patten leather boots are too cute. We can imagine one morning putting on the boots and being instantly transported to a quaint Parisian street, where we’re walking our tea-cup poodle, Francois. Of course this fantasy ends the moment we receive our bank statement. Boden does have cheaper items (although not much cheaper) like this pair of purple pumps on sale for $79 or this cute “fun” skirt for $39.

Shop: Get 12% off at Boden

Our Picks:

Boden coupon

1. Holland Park Dress, $138
2. Notting Hill Dress, $128

Boden coupon

3. Patent Leather Boots, $278
4. Fun Skirt, $39
5. Bow Peep Toes, $74

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  1. Rebecca says

    I actually “discovered” Boden just last week, and was heartbroken that their supremely cute clothes are also supremely expensive! I did, however, purchase the Portofino Blazer (http://www.bodenusa.com/en-us/Clearance/Womens-Coats-Jackets/Jackets/WE249/Womens-Portofino-Blazer.html?NavGroupID=2) for just $39.99, with free shipping and 5% back through Ebates. I thought that was a pretty good steal, for a jacket.

    I was very sad that the Fun Skirt is sold out in my size – I love the Turquoise Butterflies version.

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