Yea or Nay: Cotton Spandex Jersey Criss-Cross Short Sleeve Unitard, $38.00 at American Apparel

I’m not exactly sure how I feel about the possible return of the unitard. It brings back haunting memories of the time my mom took me to her jazzercise class- a group of middle-aged women (note: I’m now a middle aged woman) wiggling their jazz fingers to Al Jareau. 

I’m open minded, so I can see the potential benefit of the unitard- it’s comfortable, easy to wear with either a big sweater or a wrap skirt, and the garment would be the perfect guerrilla shopping outfit (to avoid those crazy fitting room lines). However, the bathroom issue would drive me crazy and, like low rise pants, lots of people (including myself) who shouldn’t be wearing it, probably will. 

American Apparel Unitard- Yea or Nay?