How to Make a Cork Trivet


Design*Sponge featured some absolutely fabulous DIY projects in their 2008 DIY contest. One of the best and the most doable for even the most DIY-challenged was the cork trivet (#19, pictured above) done by Abigail, a fabulously crafty lady if there ever was one. Made from cut-up and reclaimed wine corks, this trivet is fun, functional and an easy DIY craft for any day.

Making one is simple and easy. We used a simple kitchen knife to cut up the wine corks (we found the fake corks worked the best) and then hot glued them together. We tested it using a hot casserole right from the oven and it worked well.

cork trivet
Here is what you need to make one trivet:
5 wine corks
Hot glue gun
Sharp knife
Needle and thread

1. Cut the corks into small even slices (it’s okay if they are a little uneven, but do your best). Again, the fake-cork corks were the easiest to cut. If you have tips for cutting real cork, don’t keep it to yourself. Post it in the comments.
2. Figure out a pattern.
3. Start gluing. You can skip this step, but we found it was useful in holding the trivet together while we sewed.
4. Sew together using a needle and nylon thread. Just sew a simple loop between two cork circles. Reinforce the loop two or three times before knotting and cutting off.
4. Use.
5. Brag to your friends about how you totally reclaimed all your wine corks and made an awesome trivet.
cork trivet diy

Have you made one of these? Do you have tips on the best way to cut actual cork? Let us know!

Top photo courtesy of Design*Sponge

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