Cork and Button Picture Hanger: DIY

As you know, we’re always looking for cute ways to display our photographs . We came across this project on and decided to jazz it up a bit. We added a lot more buttons and a nifty gold string. This DIY is fun, easy and you can do it over and over for gifts, favors or for yourself.

Cork picture holder supplies


Cork sheets
Lots o’ buttons
Photograph or postcard

How To:

1. Cut the cork sheets into rectangles and squares. The size is at your discretion.
2. Paste the photograph to the center of the shape.
4. Paste another sheet of cork to the back of the main one for reinforcement.
5. Paste buttons all around the photo, leaving as little cork showing as possible except at the top two corners.
6. Weave the string or yarn through the holes and knot securely. Alternatively, duct tape or glue the string to the back of the reinforcement.
7. Let dry.

And there you have it! Here’s ours. We hope you have fun with yours.

Finished cork picture holder

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