What: Seems like your Grandma does know a thing or two about makeup. Coral “which was once a lipstick no no” is now a lipstick go-to.

What the experts say: In a recent edition of People magazine, celebrity makeup artist Charlie Green tells readers just how to wear the most typically shunned shade: Once you’ve applied your coral lipstick, ”[your lips] can be gently matted down by a dusting of translucent powder for a modern California girl look. Avoid frost coral or the effect will be “80s news anchor”not good.”

What we say: Just hearing the words coral and lipstick together in the same sentence makes most makeup enthusiasts shudder. And trying to pull this shade off can be tricky. However, if you’ve got the right complexion—olive-skinned complete with dark hair and eyes coral can look downright gorgeous. While coral can make most fair-maidens appear sallow and tarnish their smiles, a transparent, glossy coral matched with a smoky eye is a good alternative (try Maybelline ShinyLicious Lip Gloss in Coral-Punch for $5.99 ) at Drugstore.com.