Cool Coasters: Look For Less

There is a plague affecting freshly painted (or made) tables and newly bought dining sets everywhere: water stains. Those ugly, wet rings are not only ruining fabulous décor, they also require some serious elbow grease to work out. We understand it can be awkward for you to ask your new BFF to “ahem, please use a coaster,” but we’ve grown to embrace the sentiment. Especially when we hand her one of our fabulous coaster finds (they’re high on style but low on price) and hear nothing but compliments.

These coasters (pictured above, $20) made from real vinyl LPs will match any vintage diva’s décor. Six ######## record labels come in each set.

When we’re in need of a more classic coaster look (we’re thinking when you invite the boss and her husband over for dinner), reach for this chic blossom inspired set (pictured above, $12). Made from heavyweight beverage board, each coaster absorbs water droplets without staining your table.
If you live in a space that’s large on style but low on space, these stacking coasters (pictured above, $18) are for you. The six brightly colored coasters stack on top of each other and, because they have raised borders, hold condensation.
And if you’re looking to inspire your inner-artiste, check out these average day coasters (pictured above, $12) from the Modern Museum of Art. The set of six depicts the everyday activities that happen at a museum and include vintage imagery from the museum’s archives.

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