Consumers Get Happy for the Holidays

What: Start getting psyched, because the stage is being set for 2009 to be an exciting holiday season — for retailers, at least. A new survey released this week shows that Americans are “optimistic” about the economy right now, which could lead to a robust shopping season in the coming months. Although the survey found that many consumers are still planning to spend less on gifts this year than in the past, they are actually planning to spend more on “nongift items” like entertainment, clothing for themselves, and furnishings for the home.

What Reuters Says:
“This is certainly good news for discount chains like Wal-Mart Stores, Inc as well as off-price retailers. Discount stores continued to hold the top spot as a shopping destination with nearly six out of 10 people saying they expected to shop at discount/value department stores, according to the survey.”


What We Say: With less than a week until November—and the early holiday shopping season upon us—it’s good to hear that this year’s holidays aren’t forecasted to be a total drag. The only thing we find a little odd is that consumers are planning to spend less on gifts and more on furnishings for the home. We guess they were holding out for the holiday deals, even though you can always score a deal, if though you can always score a deal if you know where to look. Nonetheless, we’re excited to go bargain hunting for deals on gifts for our family and friends this year. How about you?

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