Confessions of a Shopaholic Movie Trailer

Somewhere in Hollywood, there’s a studio exec banging his head on his desk, wishing he had released “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, the movie based on the popular book series by Sophia Kinsella, in summer 2008. Now this movie just seems way out of touch. What do you guys think?

Confessions of a Shopaholic Trailer



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  1. shelbynovak says


    I don’t think it’s out of touch at all. It shows how people were just like her who bought everything and charged and now they are paying for it.

  2. Biatchi says


    I think the movie is actually very well timed. The main character overspends and now has a ton of credit card debt to get rid of. I think it could be very encouraging to those out there who have gotten themselves in the same position. For everyone else, it should be a great movie (it’s a great book!).

    Holly ~ Blogger @

  3. Target-Addict says


    If it can be a “cautionary tale” to anyone out there maxed out on their credit cards, then I’m all for it.  I for one can’t see how anyone can live beyond their means, but then again, I guess that’s how I was raised.  I love fashion and shopping and buying nice things as much as the next person, but my parents drilled into me from Day 1 the importance of saving and keeping with my budget.

  4. SDTransplant says


    I like Isla Fisher and think she’s a great comedic actress, but why oh why did the screenwriters make her Becky Bloomwood American?  I was expecting a film made in the UK with a British-sounding actress and a bunch of stores whose names I didn’t recognize (and that was part of the appeal of the movie), but that’s not what we’re getting.  Also, I thought that Becky, while addicted to shopping, didn’t necessarily dress like a crazy person—what’s up with some of the clothes they have Isla wear in the movie?  Anyway, I still love the Shopaholic series and can’t wait to see this movie.

    I do agree with the other posters that this movie is well-timed in that many people will be able to relate to Becky’s overspending and will hopefully also be inspired to get out of debt.

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