Denim blue has become synonymous with the all-American “roughin’ it up” lifestyle, so we definitely can see why some people raise an eyebrow at the idea of wearing colored jeans (especially when we end the phrase with “for men”, but we digress). The trend started out of practicality: Ros Hibbert in Deconstructing Denim notes that “indigo was the most significant natural dye known to mankind” back in the 19th century. We think it’s also because he also secretly likes how denim blue is so easy to color-coordinate with other colored shirts. Two centuries and a synthetic dye invention later, we can now be more flexible with our color choices in jeans. Spring is a great season to start rocking colored jeans, and you can start by shopping these affordable bright finds from Gap.

Shop: Gap Why So Blue? Try These Budget Friendly Colorful Jeans for Spring Instead