Colored Highlights: Beauty Trend

What: Highlights with hues not actually found in nature.

The Word: In the March 2008 issue of Elle magazine, hairstylist Odile Gilbert—who bedecked Rodarte spring runway show models with pink and blue extensions in their ponytails took his colorful inspiration from Monet: ” I hid the color in the center of each ponytail so you could see it when the models were talking and their hair would sway.”

Our Word: While you might not want to sport a bright blue ponytail to your Monday morning office meeting, adding some unexpected color to your locks can be a fun and unexpected accessory. We’re talking temporary color, of course—if you have light hair, check out Streekers, $9.95 per color. For the brunette clan, this colored paint might not show up as well as a clipped-in a colored extension would.

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