Colored Highlights: Beauty Trend

What: Highlights with hues not actually found in nature.

The Word: In the March 2008 issue of Elle magazine, hairstylist Odile Gilbert—who bedecked Rodarte spring runway show models with pink and blue extensions in their ponytails took his colorful inspiration from Monet: ” I hid the color in the center of each ponytail so you could see it when the models were talking and their hair would sway.”

Our Word: While you might not want to sport a bright blue ponytail to your Monday morning office meeting, adding some unexpected color to your locks can be a fun and unexpected accessory. We’re talking temporary color, of course—if you have light hair, check out Streekers, $9.95 per color. For the brunette clan, this colored paint might not show up as well as a clipped-in a colored extension would.

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  1. caramelbeauty says

    okay so is it me, or has all our lovely down-to-earth “ghetto-girls” been doing this forever? it’s crazy how one minute something is a forbidden rule of thumb( never ever ever accpetable), nad as soon as one of these fashion hipsters say-so it’s the “it” thing.

  2. says

    caramelbeauty – you are SO right.. A lot of the current trends was snatched right off of 125th and lenox (aka heart of harlem), the colored hair, the asymmetrical bobs, etc. I was at fashion week thinking, somebody spent an afternoon at sylvia’s resturaunt, checking out the ‘round the way girls, stealing their looks, and selling them to folks for like $200 bucks…

    Just ask Marc Jacobs…

  3. snmmason says

    I remember the first time I did this with my hair and I was at the tender age of 12.  That was 20 years ago and it was not done with extentions.  We actually bleached our hair and then used colors such as green, pink, orange and blue.  The punk rock generation have been doing it for just as long and longer.  This is a trend that has been around the block and back again sooooo many times.  I still do it from time to time.

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